Disabling Push Email in Outlook on iOS

The mobile version of Outlook for iOS (iPhone, iPad) is very usable. In particular I like the way that when you’re creating a meeting or appointment that you can look up the location and pull in the full address. However for some odd reason updates to the software seem to change the settings. While some […]

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Waze in Real Life

Waze, which is now owned by Google, if you aren’t familiar with it, is a mobile app that many drivers use to find their way around. Their tag line is “outsmarting traffic, together” So what if instead of leveraging data the app was actually manned by humans .. this rather amusing Brazilian video shows how […]

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vintage camera

Camera Recommendations?

I currently have a Panasonic Lumix DMC-FZ200. It’s fine as cameras go, though I have found its ability to take multiple shots in quick succession a bit lacking. I’ve taken it on multiple trips to different parts of the globe, including my recent trip to Peru, or to the much closer steam rally over in […]

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Clear Skies to Start the day

Nice clear blue skies with barely any clouds. That’s what greeted me this morning when I stepped outside the back door of my house for a coffee before heading into the office. Gorgeous start to the day and such a contrast with yesterday’s rather damp and overcast weather! Related Posts:Video: Some More Drone Flying Around […]

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Aretha Franklin

Aretha Franklin in Blues Brothers

Probably the best way to remember Aretha Franklin is with her music. Here she is doing a fantastic rendition of “Think” in the classic film “Blues Brothers” She might be gone, but her music will live on. Related Posts:Reliving the 90s In GermanyMoby With Heather GrahamBeardyman SuperMarketMuppets Revive Queen?A Different Take On Classical Music Perchance?

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Original 1227 Brass Maxi Pendant - Jet Black - reduced

Lighting Inspiration Wanted

I’ve been in my house now for about 18 months. Of course there are still things I need to do, but for the most part there’s nothing “pressing”.  One thing, however, has been bugging me a little. Lighting. While I sorted out the lighting in the main areas of the house fairly quickly, I’ve still […]

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Enjoying Vintage Steam in Stradbally

This weekend was a bank holiday and the weather was pretty good, if a little overcast. So I thought I’d head over to Stradbally to the annual steam rally. The event runs over two days and is held in fields outside Stradbally.  And I took my camera (no, not my phone camera – an actual […]

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Microsoft localised message in Irish language

Microsoft Localisation Fun

Microsoft like a lot of software companies offers localised versions of their software and services. So as a user you can choose which language you want to use in their applications and interfaces. I usually use English for most software I have running across my devices, though I do have multiple language keyboards setup on […]

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